3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Freelance Writer

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freelance Writer

Are you a start-up or small business owner who is considering hiring a freelance writer?

Hiring a freelance writer can be a convenient way to use content writing services only when you need it, rather than spending lots of money on employing a permanent staff member.

The sporadic nature and structure of some start-up businesses may require a writer to complete a bunch of tasks for a few weeks and none until several weeks later, so it would be best to work with someone who is used to the flexibility.

Many start-ups look for ways to minimize expenses and make as many cut-backs as possible in order to break even and optimize on necessary resources, so hiring a freelancer writer when you need one may serve as a good option as you can pay a day rate or hourly rate only when you need their services.

Below are some reasons why you should hire a freelance writer for your start-up.

1. They Can Work Remotely So You Don’t Have To Worry About Office Space

Most freelancers just need a laptop and WiFi to get to work. Plus, they can also work from the comfort of their home, café or library, so you don’t need to worry about where they’ll sit in the office.

Many freelancers thrive in their chosen working environment and this promotes more productivity.

You can keep in contact with freelance writers via, phone, email or Skype for communication purposes.

2. They Have Years of Experience in Working as a Freelancer

Many freelance writers have years of experience in writing for all types of clients, from content & web agencies and individuals to small businesses and start-ups, so there are core habits they have that would make it easy for you to work with them.

Some of them include having an excellent command of the English language, adopting the style and tone of your voice or brand, meeting deadlines and being open to feedback.

An experienced freelancer would have all of these essential qualities and of course, this will increase your confidence in them.

3. You Can Save More

A freelance writer can work out to be much cheaper than hiring someone for a permanent position, especially during the early stages of operation.

A lot of start-ups don’t like spending so much money on things they can get at a cheaper rate.

You can pay your freelancer on an hourly basis or agree on a fixed day rate. By doing this, you only pay for their services when there is work to do and when you need them.

The convenience and affordability of working with a freelancer make it a feasible choice for many start-ups and business owners.

Gain more and spend less by hiring a freelance writer today.

4 Things That Happen When You Use a Keyword Planner

MORE businesses can improve their content marketing strategy just by using a keyword planner to research topics, titles and search terms.

I say this because knowing what your customer wants, needs or cares about, would save time and help you fine-tune your content. Moreover, using a keyword planner can attract customers who may end up purchasing your product or service.

Keyword planners such as Google Ads, will increase your chances of getting a good ROI.

Once you select a demographic, you can type in a keyword and it will show you an estimate of how many people are searching for topics related to it.

Look at the image below to get an idea of what comes up when you search for keywords on Google Ads. The figures beside each term shows you the average number of searches it gets.

Google Adwords serves as a useful tool for your content marketing strategy


Researching keywords and topics your target market would find relevant can lead you to success.

Below are 4 things that happen when you use a keyword planner.

1. Conversions Increase

You can increase conversions by using a keyword planner before you write because it involves using specific search terms as opposed to generic ones.

Customers who search for specific (long-tail) keywords are usually already far along the buying cycle than customers who use generic search terms.

So save time by using relevant researched keywords, as it will increase the chances of conversions, compared to when you make it broad and don’t get any conversions at all.

Note: Long-tail keywords are three to four-word phrases which are specific to what you sell.

For example, a generic keyword would be ‘bicycles’, whereas, a specific long-tail keyword would be something like ‘black mountain bike in Tijuana’

2. You Save More Time

Similarly to the point made above,  you can save a lot of time by creating content that brings you a good return on investment, rather than content that has no impact at all.

After keyword researching, you won’t be wasting time writing about topics that your audience don’t care about.

3. Targeted Traffic Increases

Doing proper keyword planning can increase targeted traffic to your website.

It also maximises the chances of getting comments and shares on a post.

Plenty bloggers have reported getting an increased amount of engagement on blog posts where they have carried out proper keyword research.

4. Develop New Ideas

Using a key planner can spark up new ideas and topics you may not have initially have thought of.

This can help you with content ideation, especially if you are not that good at generating fresh exciting ideas.

You can improve your content marketing strategy by researching keywords before you write. Increase your chances of conversion and connecting with the right customer by using a key planner, today.


influencer-marketing- purple rust

Simple But Effective Ways to Promote Your Brand With Influencer Marketing


influencer-marketing- purple rust

INFLUENCER marketing is the act of using popular people with large following counts and high engagement rates to market a brand’s products and services.

Influencers are most often bloggers, social media stars and in some cases, celebrities.

Working with influencers is a highly effective way to engage your audience, develop brand awareness, generate leads, attract customers and makes sales.

Furthermore, with the rise of social media, influencer marketing has become one of the most effective ways for brands and businesses to get exposure.

The guide below will provide you with 3 different ways to work with an influencer and optimize your campaign.

types of influencer-marketing-purplerust

1. Banner advertisements

What to do: Place your banner on an influencers blog

You may have visited a popular gossip or blog site and seen banners on the header or at the side of the page. This is a form of banner advertising.

If you visit a blog and a banner is fixed in a certain position every time you visit the page then the chances are that the influencer has come to some sort of agreement with the marketer to have that advertisement on the website for a fixed period of time.

Look at the image below which is circled in red. It’s a banner placed at the top of a high traffic Nigerian website and when you click on it, it goes straight to Yudala, which is the name of the brand that paid for their banner to appear at the top of the site.


What can banner advertisements do for you?

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Help you gain authority on Google. It’s also a great way to build backlinks and improve your SEO
  • Increase number of impressions your company gets when placed on a high traffic site that’s relevant to your niche or audience
  • Generate leads which could ultimately lead to sales

Why is this great?

This method of influencer marketing is great because you can strategically place your advertisements where you’re likely to find your target audience.

Also, it’s a good option to pick if you’re a start-up company and want to boost your brand awareness.

How to optimize this influencer marketing strategy

  • Make sure your banner is attractive and engaging.
  • Chose a section of the blog or website where your header can easily be seen and check that it would look good on mobile too. The header and right-side of the blog tend to. be great places to place your banner.

How to measure performance

Use tracked links so you can keep track of how many people have clicked on your banner. This can give some useful insight on whether your campaign was successful or not.

Plus, you’ll also know whether you got a good return on investment and not you want to use that influencer again based on the results you get.

You may not be able to track how many people actually saw your banner or advert but you can get statistics on the reach, in other words, how many people visited the page where your advert was placed.

As part of the analytical metrics, you should be focusing on, consider bounce rate too as that shows if people spent time on that particular landing page of which your ad was displayed.

2. Online advertorials

What to do: Write a blog post or advert about your products or services and submit it to an influencer for publishing

Online advertorials are essentially written adverts which can come in the form of an article, blog post or even illustrations. You have the opportunity to be as creative as you like with advertorials and make them as engaging as you want. Also, in my experience, advertorials work best when you are not directly selling but rather showing or informing.

What advertorials can do for you

  • Give people and customers a thorough breakdown of what you do, who you are and the services you offer.
  • Generate leads and arouse interest in customers.
  • Directs traffic to your website so you gain backlinks from high authority websites and it’s a clever way to build backlinks.

Why is this great?

Advertorials are a great way to promote your products and services because you can tell your audience exactly what you want and leverage on the fact that you squeeze in plenty of information about your business. Also, you can create some amazing illustrations and increase your chances of appealing to people.

How to optimize this influencer marketing strategy

  • Add your business details at the bottom at the advertorial if it’s in form of a blog post.
  • Highlight the products and services you want to sell and don’t waste time waffling or boring readers.
  • Don’t neglect SEO and use relevant keywords and phrases so that your post has a better chance of coming up in the Google search.
  • Add in hyperlinks to your website and track them so people can easily visit the landing page or website you want them to go on.
  • Get creative. You don’t have to write a blog post or article. You can draw, illustrate or use cool animations. Digital media allows us to break the norms.

How to measure performance

You can measure the performance of your advertorial campaign by collecting data on how many page views your post got.

Also, if you track hyperlinks in the advertorial post then you can see how many visitors from your website came from the influencers blog site.

3. Sponsored posts

What to do: Get influencers to talk about your brand or review your products and services

Sponsored posts on social media often involve an influencer being paid or gifted with freebies to promote your product on social media.

Why is this great?

Sponsored media posts allow you to connect with an audience in a natural way and using an influencer gives your marketing campaign a personal touch. If people see their favorite influencer using it then they would most likely be influenced to use it too. Influencers are seen as trusted people so for them to promote it is like giving your service or product your seal of approval.

Influencers are seen as trusted people so for them to promote it is like giving your service or product your seal of approval.

Below is a sponsored post from Khloe Kardashian promoting Flat Tummy Tea.

She has over 5,200 comments and over 598,000 Instagram likes which means that a large amount not only saw the brand being promoted but they also engaged with it too which is great for Flat Tummy Tea because it means more awareness, lead generation and even sales.

Influencer marketing - Khloe Kardashian

What can sponsored social media posts do for you?

  • Exposes you to a big niche audience/gives you brand exposure to new audiences.
  • Can prompt people to talk about your product.
  • Boosts brand awareness.

How to optimize this influencer marketing strategy

Do not only analyze an influencers followers, instead, take note of their niche and determine whether it’s relevant to yours and observe their engagement levels too. Do they get a lot of likes and most especially comments? This is what you’d want and need to be looking at too.

Are you a small brand or business owner who is interested in influencer marketing? I offer consultations on this and can help you achieve your goals.

If you have any questions or need help on how to achieve your marketing goals through influencer marketing, leave a comment below or send me an email:

5 Reasons Why Content Management is Necessary for Start-Ups-purple rust

5 Reasons Why Content Management is Necessary for Start-Ups

5 Reasons Why Content Management is Necessary for Start-Ups-purple rust

CONTENT management is necessary for start-ups and small businesses because it can help them work more efficiently, communicate better and develop their online presence.

Content management involves creating, scheduling and distributing material that your presumed audience would find useful. Content management can be used for handling blogs, landing pages, newsletters, press releases and, social media.

Start-ups tend to be under a lot of pressure to deliver and maintain a good image when they first start business operation and in order to meet standard expectations, create a good workflow pattern, and build a good reputation online, it is best to look into good content management to help you.

Below is an infographic of some reasons why content management is necessary for start-ups. Underneath it is the text version.

content-management-necessary-for-start-ups-purple rust-infographic

1. Content can be updated at anytime

Content can be updated when you want and not when someone else is ready.

Content management systems like WordPress, Tumblr and Press Page, allow you to publish content, edit or delete at any time.

It is a handy option to have, especially for start-ups because during this phase, you may still be in process of defining your brand and finding your feet and if content does not reflect your vision, it’s great to delete or adjust it.

2. The whole team can use content management

Most content management systems allow for multiple users to create, edit and publish content simultaneously.  This creates a good working system and can make things more conducive for you and your staff and as a new start-up.

3. You can increase brand awareness and sales

When you implement SEO into your blogs and use the relevant keywords and hashtags, this can increase your visibility and help you get found by people who are interested in your products and services.

4. Businesses look more credible online

I commend start-ups that have a fully functioning website with landing pages that are full of useful information and other valuable content.

This makes me trust them and feel like they really know what they are doing.

I’ve come across plenty of businesses who don’t bother to update their landing pages with current information or still have old numbers in the contact section which are no longer in use.

It can make a start-up lose the credibility they should be building and it’s frustrating for visitors.

5. Open up communication channels

Engaging content can increase interaction between you and your customers. Having an online presence alone isn’t enough.

You need to actually socialize and communicate with your audience regularly through content. Content management can help you do just that.

Content management is a great way for start-ups to look more professional and improve organization.

These two things matter a lot and could improve your reputation. Consult a content manager for your start-up today!

Benefits of Content Marketing - Infographic - Purple Rust

Benefits of Content Marketing

Benefits of Content Marketing - Infographic - Purple Rust

MANY brands and businesses overlook the benefits of content marketing. 

If your business is online but you don’t have a website, blog or active social media page, you could actually be losing out on sales and driving customers away.

Content marketing helps you attract people who are interested in you or need your services and increases your chances of converting them into PAYING customers.

Below is an infographic which explains the benefits of content marketing and beneath it is the same information available in plain text.

The benefits of content marketing - Infographic - Purple Rust

The Benefits of Content Marketing

More Visibility on Search Engines

Having a blog or website with relevant good quality content and long-tail keywords (i.e. things your customer would usually search for when looking for products and services you offer) will make you more visible on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, thus making it easier for the people who need your products or services to find you.

Referral Traffic

Another form of content marketing is guest posting. This is when you contribute to other publications as a guest. When you guest post on a high traffic website and insert hyperlinks directing to your website, you could get thousands of visitors to your website, some of which could be potential customers, just from one post.

Higher Chance of Converting Audience into Customers

The main aim of content is to inform, engage and help your audience. If you’re consistent with this, it will make them see you as an expert and you will gain their trust. Once you have built a community of loyal readers, it will allow you to comfortably open up avenues for pitching your products and services to them.

It’s Perfect for Any Business

Content marketing is perfect for any business. From travel and oil & gas, to design, beauty and law, all types of businesses and industries can provide insights on their line of work through content marketing, as it will make your business more approachable and relatable.

I feel like many small brands and businesses don’t truly understand the benefits of content marketing or care about it enough which is sad. Content marketing is one of the most inexpensive forms of digital marketing and one of the most effective.