4 Things That Happen When You Use a Keyword Planner

MORE businesses can improve their content marketing strategy just by using a keyword planner to research topics, titles and search terms.

I say this because knowing what your customer wants, needs or cares about, would save time and help you fine-tune your content. Moreover, using a keyword planner can attract customers who may end up purchasing your product or service.

Keyword planners such as Google Ads, will increase your chances of getting a good ROI.

Once you select a demographic, you can type in a keyword and it will show you an estimate of how many people are searching for topics related to it.

Look at the image below to get an idea of what comes up when you search for keywords on Google Ads. The figures beside each term shows you the average number of searches it gets.

Google Adwords serves as a useful tool for your content marketing strategy


Researching keywords and topics your target market would find relevant can lead you to success.

Below are 4 things that happen when you use a keyword planner.

1. Conversions Increase

You can increase conversions by using a keyword planner before you write because it involves using specific search terms as opposed to generic ones.

Customers who search for specific (long-tail) keywords are usually already far along the buying cycle than customers who use generic search terms.

So save time by using relevant researched keywords, as it will increase the chances of conversions, compared to when you make it broad and don’t get any conversions at all.

Note: Long-tail keywords are three to four-word phrases which are specific to what you sell.

For example, a generic keyword would be ‘bicycles’, whereas, a specific long-tail keyword would be something like ‘black mountain bike in Tijuana’

2. You Save More Time

Similarly to the point made above,  you can save a lot of time by creating content that brings you a good return on investment, rather than content that has no impact at all.

After keyword researching, you won’t be wasting time writing about topics that your audience don’t care about.

3. Targeted Traffic Increases

Doing proper keyword planning can increase targeted traffic to your website.

It also maximises the chances of getting comments and shares on a post.

Plenty bloggers have reported getting an increased amount of engagement on blog posts where they have carried out proper keyword research.

4. Develop New Ideas

Using a key planner can spark up new ideas and topics you may not have initially have thought of.

This can help you with content ideation, especially if you are not that good at generating fresh exciting ideas.

You can improve your content marketing strategy by researching keywords before you write. Increase your chances of conversion and connecting with the right customer by using a key planner, today.


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