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Simple But Effective Ways to Promote Your Brand With Influencer Marketing


influencer-marketing- purple rust

INFLUENCER marketing is the act of using popular people with large following counts and high engagement rates to market a brand’s products and services.

Influencers are most often bloggers, social media stars and in some cases, celebrities.

Working with influencers is a highly effective way to engage your audience, develop brand awareness, generate leads, attract customers and makes sales.

Furthermore, with the rise of social media, influencer marketing has become one of the most effective ways for brands and businesses to get exposure.

The guide below will provide you with 3 different ways to work with an influencer and optimize your campaign.

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1. Banner advertisements

What to do: Place your banner on an influencers blog

You may have visited a popular gossip or blog site and seen banners on the header or at the side of the page. This is a form of banner advertising.

If you visit a blog and a banner is fixed in a certain position every time you visit the page then the chances are that the influencer has come to some sort of agreement with the marketer to have that advertisement on the website for a fixed period of time.

Look at the image below which is circled in red. It’s a banner placed at the top of a high traffic Nigerian website and when you click on it, it goes straight to Yudala, which is the name of the brand that paid for their banner to appear at the top of the site.


What can banner advertisements do for you?

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Help you gain authority on Google. It’s also a great way to build backlinks and improve your SEO
  • Increase number of impressions your company gets when placed on a high traffic site that’s relevant to your niche or audience
  • Generate leads which could ultimately lead to sales

Why is this great?

This method of influencer marketing is great because you can strategically place your advertisements where you’re likely to find your target audience.

Also, it’s a good option to pick if you’re a start-up company and want to boost your brand awareness.

How to optimize this influencer marketing strategy

  • Make sure your banner is attractive and engaging.
  • Chose a section of the blog or website where your header can easily be seen and check that it would look good on mobile too. The header and right-side of the blog tend to. be great places to place your banner.

How to measure performance

Use tracked links so you can keep track of how many people have clicked on your banner. This can give some useful insight on whether your campaign was successful or not.

Plus, you’ll also know whether you got a good return on investment and not you want to use that influencer again based on the results you get.

You may not be able to track how many people actually saw your banner or advert but you can get statistics on the reach, in other words, how many people visited the page where your advert was placed.

As part of the analytical metrics, you should be focusing on, consider bounce rate too as that shows if people spent time on that particular landing page of which your ad was displayed.

2. Online advertorials

What to do: Write a blog post or advert about your products or services and submit it to an influencer for publishing

Online advertorials are essentially written adverts which can come in the form of an article, blog post or even illustrations. You have the opportunity to be as creative as you like with advertorials and make them as engaging as you want. Also, in my experience, advertorials work best when you are not directly selling but rather showing or informing.

What advertorials can do for you

  • Give people and customers a thorough breakdown of what you do, who you are and the services you offer.
  • Generate leads and arouse interest in customers.
  • Directs traffic to your website so you gain backlinks from high authority websites and it’s a clever way to build backlinks.

Why is this great?

Advertorials are a great way to promote your products and services because you can tell your audience exactly what you want and leverage on the fact that you squeeze in plenty of information about your business. Also, you can create some amazing illustrations and increase your chances of appealing to people.

How to optimize this influencer marketing strategy

  • Add your business details at the bottom at the advertorial if it’s in form of a blog post.
  • Highlight the products and services you want to sell and don’t waste time waffling or boring readers.
  • Don’t neglect SEO and use relevant keywords and phrases so that your post has a better chance of coming up in the Google search.
  • Add in hyperlinks to your website and track them so people can easily visit the landing page or website you want them to go on.
  • Get creative. You don’t have to write a blog post or article. You can draw, illustrate or use cool animations. Digital media allows us to break the norms.

How to measure performance

You can measure the performance of your advertorial campaign by collecting data on how many page views your post got.

Also, if you track hyperlinks in the advertorial post then you can see how many visitors from your website came from the influencers blog site.

3. Sponsored posts

What to do: Get influencers to talk about your brand or review your products and services

Sponsored posts on social media often involve an influencer being paid or gifted with freebies to promote your product on social media.

Why is this great?

Sponsored media posts allow you to connect with an audience in a natural way and using an influencer gives your marketing campaign a personal touch. If people see their favorite influencer using it then they would most likely be influenced to use it too. Influencers are seen as trusted people so for them to promote it is like giving your service or product your seal of approval.

Influencers are seen as trusted people so for them to promote it is like giving your service or product your seal of approval.

Below is a sponsored post from Khloe Kardashian promoting Flat Tummy Tea.

She has over 5,200 comments and over 598,000 Instagram likes which means that a large amount not only saw the brand being promoted but they also engaged with it too which is great for Flat Tummy Tea because it means more awareness, lead generation and even sales.

Influencer marketing - Khloe Kardashian

What can sponsored social media posts do for you?

  • Exposes you to a big niche audience/gives you brand exposure to new audiences.
  • Can prompt people to talk about your product.
  • Boosts brand awareness.

How to optimize this influencer marketing strategy

Do not only analyze an influencers followers, instead, take note of their niche and determine whether it’s relevant to yours and observe their engagement levels too. Do they get a lot of likes and most especially comments? This is what you’d want and need to be looking at too.

Are you a small brand or business owner who is interested in influencer marketing? I offer consultations on this and can help you achieve your goals.

If you have any questions or need help on how to achieve your marketing goals through influencer marketing, leave a comment below or send me an email:

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