Benefits of Content Marketing - Infographic - Purple Rust

Benefits of Content Marketing

Benefits of Content Marketing - Infographic - Purple Rust

MANY brands and businesses overlook the benefits of content marketing. 

If your business is online but you don’t have a website, blog or active social media page, you could actually be losing out on sales and driving customers away.

Content marketing helps you attract people who are interested in you or need your services and increases your chances of converting them into PAYING customers.

Below is an infographic which explains the benefits of content marketing and beneath it is the same information available in plain text.

The benefits of content marketing - Infographic - Purple Rust

The Benefits of Content Marketing

More Visibility on Search Engines

Having a blog or website with relevant good quality content and long-tail keywords (i.e. things your customer would usually search for when looking for products and services you offer) will make you more visible on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, thus making it easier for the people who need your products or services to find you.

Referral Traffic

Another form of content marketing is guest posting. This is when you contribute to other publications as a guest. When you guest post on a high traffic website and insert hyperlinks directing to your website, you could get thousands of visitors to your website, some of which could be potential customers, just from one post.

Higher Chance of Converting Audience into Customers

The main aim of content is to inform, engage and help your audience. If you’re consistent with this, it will make them see you as an expert and you will gain their trust. Once you have built a community of loyal readers, it will allow you to comfortably open up avenues for pitching your products and services to them.

It’s Perfect for Any Business

Content marketing is perfect for any business. From travel and oil & gas, to design, beauty and law, all types of businesses and industries can provide insights on their line of work through content marketing, as it will make your business more approachable and relatable.

I feel like many small brands and businesses don’t truly understand the benefits of content marketing or care about it enough which is sad. Content marketing is one of the most inexpensive forms of digital marketing and one of the most effective.

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